Young Stunners are a music duo that truly represent the voice of today’s generation. They exemplify what it means to believe in dreams and that is why we consider them the perfect choice to represent the philosophy of Why Not Meri Jaan.

Check Out The New Pepsi Song Here:

Pepsi’s new slogan stimulated people to talk about change, it raised many eyebrows but this song has taken the debate to a new level. This is probably the first Urdu Rap song that hits so many social chords at the same time. The catchy tune keeps running in the mind even when the song is over. Interestingly the lyrics have become the first response that comes to mind whenever a stereotypical situation arises.

The music video is also an amusing experience.  Interestingly, it captures the great Pepsi nostalgia and beautifully blends it with thrilling new-age visuals. From the first frame, the video will keep you hooked and you won’t even realize when you’ll be completely mesmerized by the visuals.

Young Stunners have created sheer magic, it’s not just a catchy tune it is a song that speaks our mind. It’s revolutionary and is empowering people to live fearlessly with positivity. It’s a celebration of diversity, it’s a harbinger for change. This song is here to stay.