Young Pakistani Guy Marries Divorcee With Children To Complete Sunnah
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Stigmas attached to getting divorced, marrying a divorcee, marrying an older woman are incredibly prevalent in the context of Pakistan; however, with increasing awareness, people are taking baby steps towards ending such stigmas. Shehbaz is one of these strong-willed individuals, committed to shattering the stereotypes.

Shehbaz Marries a Divorcee to Complete the Sunnah

Shehbaz, a handsome young guy from Pakistan, recently tied the knot with a divorcee to complete his Iman and follow the Sunnah. Not only is she older than Shehbaz, but she is also the mother of three beautiful daughters. In a society where the exploitative ‘Rishta culture’ is so common, this bold yet uplifting step by Shehbaz is an inspiration for all.

The Groom’s Point of View

Accepting his marriage wholeheartedly, Shehbaz is not only determined to fulfill all his responsibilities towards the relationship but is also satisfied as he has completed the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The ‘flaws’ (as per the society) that his wife-to-be has did not put off his willingness to marry the lady, even for a split second. Shehbaz was determined to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Everyone on Twitter is Going Gaga Over this Marriage

A good looking guy, marrying an older, divorced woman, is indeed a rare sight in the judgmental Pakistani society. Seemingly, the woman had three major imperfections as per societal norms and standards, but Shehbaz successfully tossed them all out.

Paying no heed to what people might think, the young man did what he thought was the right thing to do and what aligned with his religious beliefs and sentiments. Surprisingly enough, people across Pakistan cannot stop appreciating Shehbaz for this commendable act. The couple is receiving a lot of admiration on Twitter:

Others shared their personal experiences. Some also highlighted instances where young women willingly tie the knot with older men (who also have children), resulting in successful marriages. After all, acceptance is the key to successful relationships.

Amidst all the admiration, some people were also of the point that one should not showcase their good deeds openly in front of people on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Nevertheless, it is about time we highlight such instances to create awareness among the masses. This awe-inspiring tale of a handsome young man marrying an older divorcee with three daughters serves as motivation for the upcoming generations to smash these toxic norms prevailing in our society and cultivate an inclusive and non-judgmental environment for all.

Sending lots of love and prayers, we wish the couple all the best for their future.

Do you think that the surfacing stories of such strong-willed individuals who are trying to break through these bizarre social norms and societal pressures are an indication of cultural and societal revolution in Pakistan? Are we becoming more civil and considerate towards others and their choices? Or do we still have a long way to go?

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