21 year old Usama shot
Image Source: incpak.com

Every day, there are brutal acts of violence taking place. One of the most know incidents of the previous year was the one involving George Floyd. In the footage that was shown, as well as the pictures, the brutality was clear. He did not even resist or was being considered at fault. Yet, they showed no sense of guilt or remorse as he was slowly and painfully, taken from us.

Violence just keeps escalating every year. Even if a place has a lower crime rate than others, it’s not something that is ever eradicated. Even superheroes, in their fictional worlds, are fighting a never-ending battle. Their enemies exist because they don’t like the way the hero operates. Pakistan has seen far more than its share of violence in the previous year. As of today, yet another incident has come to light. It seems a young boy, by the name of Usama, has been shot.

Brutal Acts Of Violence:

People are gunned down in acts of violence every day. Despite their being authorities present, criminals seem to escape the clutches of the law. At times, it can be the law that has extended itself to acts of criminality. In such times, we pray and wish such incidents should not be taking place. Shahzaib Khan’s incident is one that rocked the nation to the core.

It displayed and enveloped everything that has gone wrong with this world. People are supposed to look for non-violent ways to negotiate and end their issues. It seems that, despite everything, they revert to their primal war instincts. A similar act of violence shook the city of Islamabad. It involved the shooting of a young boy!

A Horrifying Incident:

Usama Nadeem Satti is the name of the individual who was the victim of violence. He was driving his vehicle when the anti-terrorist squad signaled him to stop the car. According to sources, he kept on going, and they opened fire. They fired 21, 17 of which hit Usama. He passed away on the spot. What kind of police regulation allows the shooting of civilians? Is this not a prime example of the kind of injustice that is faced every day?

Yes, the civilian did not comply and stop, but does that give the authorities the permission to shoot point-blank? Does that give them the approval of gunning down the person in cold blood? Regulations state the act of giving chase, even firing a warning shot. If, even then, the person is not complying, then the vehicle’s tyres should be shot at.

Injustice Walks Unchained:

Who will give Usama Nadeem Satti the justice he deserves? Is this another case of police brutality? Twitter, as you can see, has had a lot to offer on this case. It’s a sad state of affairs to go into the new year with such a horrible incident to hear about.

We hope the family members of the victim are granted patience and are able to navigate through this difficult time. He was twenty-one years old, that is barely two decades of his life. One moment, just taken away!

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