One of the best memories we all have of ourselves as children are our dreams!

Remember how we all told ourselves, “I want to be a pilot when I grow up, or I want to be a superstar”? Not to forget, there was a phase when we were sure that we were the best singers too!

However, the reality is that only 30% of children actually pursue the career they desire. The remaining 70% fulfill their parents’ wishes, and follow in their footsteps.

Most children are unable to persuade their parents to let them follow their dreams. Consequently, they feel discouraged to follow aspirations and ambitions of their own.

However, over the years, the situation has improved and many parents are now open to the idea of allowing their children to pursue their passion.

Adamjee Life & Its Dream Out Loud Initiative

In order to educate adults about the pressure that is unconsciously and unwillingly put on their children, Adamjee Life has started a campaign called #DreamOutLoud!

The main aim of this initiative is to make parents aware about how important it is for children to seek their own life objectives.

To help children chase their magnificent goals, Adamjee Life has created a scholarship worth PKR 1 Million for the individual who strives to move ahead in life, is enthusiastic about making a difference, and is eager to achieve the impossible.

A contest created via a microsite enabled kids from all over Pakistan to share their dreams with the brand. However, a particular 12-year-old boy from Loralai, Balochistan swept everyone off their feet with his impactful entry.

Meet Abdul Aziz- The Balochi Boy Who Dared To Dream Big

The young and passionate soul described how education molds the life of a less fortunate child. The enthusiasm in his voice, and fervor in his eyes showed his sheer dedication towards achieving education. But it was his high intellect, and sagacious thought process, that tugged heartstrings at Adamjee Life.

The remarkable boy’s zeal and eagerness is definitely a sight to see in the video. Not to forget, it shines with a ray of hope that one day, each and every child in Pakistan will be well educated and successful in life, making the nation utterly proud!

Adamjee Life’s #DreamOutLoud Making Lives Magical

The brand has devised the campaign to give wings to young hearts who want to pursue their passion in life, and be what they really want to be when they grow up.

It is platforms like #DreamOutLoud that play a key role in shaping lives. Not only that, such initiatives remind others that this world is filled with talented people who need a little bit of help, a small push to conquer their dreams.

Adamjee Life Associates have forever churned out thematic campaigns, and have become the trendsetter in the industry. Many brands in contemporary times realize that a socially responsible brand image builds a lot of positive sentiments, which no advertising efforts can match.

The financial powerhouse aims to keep working towards this cause, raising further awareness on this theme. It hopes that more and more parents will step up and let their children #DreamOutLoud.