The best news of 2020 so far is that he season three of You has been confirmed, and fans are thrilled with the newsflash. Just like you, we’re eager to learn what the third season of the show has in store for us.

So, below are a few predictions of what might happen in the third installment of You.

1. Love will be the main character 

YOU Season 3 Predictions
Source/ Tenor

A popular fan theory is that season three will be from Love’s point of view. She will be the main character and the voiceover will be hers. The entire season will be from her perspective as opposed to Joe’s.

2. Forty’s movie will expose Joe

YOU Season 3 Predictions
Source/ Tenor

By the end of season two, Forty knew everything about Joe and wanted him dead. Forty’s script adaptation of Beck’s novel, The Dark Face of Love, is still around somewhere, and maybe it will be the justice Forty deserved that his movie will be released and show Joe for precisely who he is.

3. The neighbor is Beck’s sister

YOU Season 3 Predictions
Source/ The Sun

According to a Reddit fan theory, the neighbor could be Beck’s sister. In season one, we briefly learn about Beck’s sister, Anya. The theory believes she could have come to find Joe wanting revenge.

4. Ellie will expose Joe

YOU Season 3 Predictions
Source/ Netflix

Ellie hates Joe now, but he is sending her money, so they are both still huge parts of each other’s lives. Ellie is smart and is putting the pieces together. A popular theory is that the teen will be the one to spill about Joe and because he never harms children, she will be the one that will be able to make the facts known without Joe being able to do anything to stop her.

5. Love isn’t even pregnant

YOU Season 3 Predictions
Source/ Insider

A lot of people believe Love isn’t even pregnant, and just quickly said it at the moment to save her own life when she thought Joe was going to kill her. And now, she’s been forced to keep up the lie, even to the point of wearing a fake baby bump.

What are your predictions? Let us know in the comments below.

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