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The world of pop culture has taken the internet by storm. There is no lack of movies or tv-shows every time someone turns on the computer or television. Netflix, which once upon a time used to sell DVDs, now has its streaming service. Not just that, but services like Amazon streaming, Hulu, and NBC have also gained a footing in this market.

With the advent of 2019 came a new tv-show, unique in its plot. It starts on a light note. However, with the progression of the seasons, it slowly spirals into something much darker. This show is called ‘YOU.’ It is expected to release its third season soon. We have compiled a list of 5 things to know before YOU Season 3.

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1. Based on the Novel

This information goes by quietly, but the series is based on a novel series. It progresses at a reasonable place, leaving the audience with room to breathe. So, it is no surprise that the third season is also based on the novel series. This information is vital to anyone who wishes to get an idea or a grip on the story ahead of time.

The writer of this article recalls doing the same thing when it came to the ‘Witcher’ novels. (They are a highly recommended read)

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2. Goldberg is back!

Can this be a worthwhile tv-show without its star protagonist returning for yet another season 3? Joe Goldberg’s character development can be considered as the stuff of legends! From how he started to how he ended up can speak a lot about how well the story has been written. Penn Badgley is quite the genius behind the character and deserves no less praise.

However, we don’t know how his character will further take shape this season. This is kept in perspective while keeping in light the events of season 2 finale.

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3. Love ‘Harley’ Quinn returns!

Considering the events of the second season, Joe would be quite incomplete without the character that further helps in shaping this show’s destiny. When last we saw, Love Quinn was pregnant. However, whether it was Joe’s child or someone else yet remains to be seen.

Suppose there is one sure thing to obtain from this season, its that she goes toe-to-toe with Joe on the levels of ‘Crazy.’ Come on! We all remember what happened to Candice (The second time). Let us see what YOU season 3 brings with it.

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4. The third is not the last

The producer of the show was reported to have mentioned this very thing. She said that there is no way that this can be the final leg of Joe’s journey. The producer, Sera Gamble, further elaborated on this idea that there is quite a lot of content to go through. The novel series gives them quite a lot of room for more seasons.

There is no reason to believe that this season will be the last. Of course, there can always be someone new on Joe’s target list. There can still be a plotline that involves Joe getting into deep trouble. Not losing hope, alright?!

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5. The woman is not the mother

The last season finale portrayed Joe looking through a fence in admiration towards another woman. Afterward, fans started speculating whether she was Joe’s mother. Penn Badgley shut this theory down immediately, saying that she is not the mother. He also mentioned that that would be extra creepy, more than the show needs!

The identity of that woman is yet to be revealed. YOU season 3 will come with a lot of new directions the plot can take.

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