In the wake of Pakistan’s disappointing performance in the ICC T20 World Cup 2024, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) decided to bring back the Yo-Yo test to improve player fitness. Despite being strong contenders, Pakistan bowed out at the group stage after humiliating losses to the USA and India. Wins against Ireland and Canada were not enough to advance.

Fitness Under the Microscope

Pakistan’s fitness standards have become a hot topic after they crashed out of the mega-event. Former team director Mohammad Hafeez revealed that previous management, including Mickey Arthur and Grant Bradburn, had decided to exclude fitness tests.

However, the current Director of Domestic Cricket, Khurram Niazi, has approved a plan to reintroduce the Yo-Yo test to ensure players maintain high fitness levels. The PCB will conduct fitness tests across Pakistan in two phases. Starting July 11, tests will be conducted at the district level, followed by the regional level.


Players who fail these tests will be dropped not only from the national team but also from regional teams. Niazi has made it mandatory for all players, including centrally-contracted ones, to pass the fitness test to be eligible for selection.

A Look at the Yo-Yo Test

The Yo-Yo test is a variation of the Beep test, designed to evaluate aerobic fitness by requiring players to run between two sets of cones placed 20 meters apart, the same distance as a cricket pitch.

When a beep sounds, players must run to the opposite cone and reach it before the next beep. They then return to the starting cone before the subsequent beep. Completing this back-and-forth trip counts as one shuttle.

Players get a seven-second rest period between each shuttle. As they progress through the levels, the time allowed to complete each shuttle decreases, and the number of shuttles per level increases, requiring faster running speeds.


The test starts at level 5 with one shuttle, and each subsequent level, such as level 11, includes additional shuttles, becoming more demanding. The highest level of the test is 23. The test concludes when a player fails to meet the beep timing twice. Results are recorded through a software system.

Is Yo-Yo Test Enough To Improve Fitness?

While the Yo-Yo test is a good starting point for assessing aerobic endurance, the PCB should also implement comprehensive strength and weight training programs. These programs are essential for increasing muscle mass and overall fitness, which can enhance power-hitting and on-field performance.

Incorporating strength training can help players develop the explosiveness needed for modern cricket and reduce injury risks. As Pakistan looks to rebuild after the T20 World Cup disappointment, improving fitness standards will be crucial.

The reintroduction of the Yo-Yo test is a step in the right direction, but a holistic approach to fitness will be necessary to prepare players for the demands of international cricket.

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