Iqra Aziz
Image Source: Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz is a talented actress who has won the audience’s heart as the spontaneous Jia at times and at times as the headstrong Noori. Whichever character she dons, you would just know that she would do justice to it. And seeing a recent post by Yasir Hussain, its clear where she gets her sense of hard work.

Yasir Hussain and his Insta Post

Iqra’s husband, Yasir took to Instagram a picture of Iqra with her mother Asiya Aziz. Both of them are seated in a car. A picture that would look like a random casual moment becomes so much more because of its caption.

The caption reads:

”My beautiful wife @iiqraaziz with her proud mother Asiya Aziz (First female careem driver) sitting in her daughter’s new car MASHAALLAH…”

Why is the post so powerful?

This caption makes the moment so much powerful because we come from a society where even now if a woman is driving we form negative opinions about her. And a job as a driver for a woman is never endorsed. In that society, Iqra’s mom, a very strong woman herself, defied stereotypes and became the first female careem driver.

Not to mention, owning a vehicle in current times is so hard because of the rates. So if you buy a car it shows that you have put in tons of effort in your work to finally be able to own a car.

So the first female careem driver who must have faced taunts on the street and negative reactions, persevered all that and was finally able to sit in a car that her daughter bought, is a double achievement.

Yasir Hussain goes to lengths praising the wife and the mother-in-law for their power. And he also left a message for his followers. He said that real men do not believe in imposing restrictions on the women in their family.

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