Yashma Gill is a talented Pakistani actress. She’s made a name for herself after playing numerous supporting and lead roles. After her excellent performance in Pyaar Ke Sadqay, she was praised for playing the best antagonist.

YouTuber, Yashma often records her adventures and shares them with her fans online. The channel captures her experimental nature, as she tries something new in each video.

Recently, Yashma sat down with comedian Ahmed Ali Butt on his podcast, “Excuse Me with Ahmed Ali Butt” and shared all about how she lost faith in Islam.

Here’s the interview:

How Yashma Gill Questioned Free Will

Yashma shared how she questioned the entire concept of free will. After understanding that everything is predestined, Yashma wondered how anyone can be accountable for anything.

She quoted,

“If this was already written down for me by God, then how can He hold it against me on the day of judgment?”

When Yashma was able to conclude that God has written 10 different ways. She further explained how she believes if she continues good deeds and pure intentions, then Allah will guide her soul and mind to choose the correct path.

Yashma Gill

The 37-year-old actress continues, “I look at my past now in retrospect and I am grateful that He made me go through all those bad experiences because if it weren’t for those bad experiences, I would not have learned these lessons today.”

Previously, in an honest conversation with Hassan Choudary, Yashma had admitted how she was angry for not being able to reach her goals sooner. Despite always believing god has your best interest in mind she struggled. As a child, she always aspired to be an actress however her tough times made her distant from God instead of seeking his help.

She admitted that she soon learned she was wrong and found her way back to Allah SWT.

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