Yango’s Safety Pledge To Create A Safer Transportation Experience Continues With A Helmet Distribution Ceremony Among Bike Riders

Yango, the renowned ride-hailing platform, is taking significant strides to ensure the safety of riders across Pakistan. In a recent initiative, they distributed over 1000 helmets in prominent cities, including Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad, showcasing their unwavering commitment to road safety.

With safety as their paramount concern from day one, Yango aims to furnish riders with the necessary protection while navigating the roads. By providing high-quality helmets, they contribute to reducing the inherent risks associated with biking and spread awareness regarding road safety practices.

As a socially responsible entity, Yango is steadfast in its mission to foster positive change in Pakistan’s road safety landscape. By forging partnerships with local organisations and investing in initiatives like the helmet distribution program, they aim to foster safer roads and communities for everyone.

Yango’s commitment to safety extends beyond Pakistan. The company employs a global approach, investing in research and development to innovate safety features and technologies for its platform worldwide. By prioritising rider safety, Yango sets an exemplary standard for other companies in the ride-hailing industry to follow, not only in Pakistan but globally. Through these concerted efforts, Yango aims to create a transportation system in the country that is safe and results in fewer casualties and accidents than usual while contributing to making the roads safer for everyone out there.

The distribution ceremony was carried out with the cooperation and presence of local authorities and nonprofits pooling their resources to facilitate the event. The presence of dignitaries from DIG Punjab Police and Al Marah Foundation underscored the significance of collective action in advancing road safety initiatives.

However, Yango’s dedication to safety transcends mere helmet distribution. They continuously strive to enhance their service and bolster safety measures for all users. Through meticulous driver screening processes and the incorporation of advanced trip-monitoring technologies, Yango remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding riders and improving the way the people of Pakistan commute every day.