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Video gaming is one of the most successful evolutions to have taken place since the late 20th century. We have come a long way since the time when people used to spend coins in arcades. The writer of this article remembers playing games on a Sega console. It had joysticks with just a handful of buttons.

The games of today feel quite engaging because they focus on nonlinear gameplay rather than a level-based platformer. Some of the biggest companies to provide console gaming, are Sony and Microsoft. Where the Playstation took a grip in the gaming market, the Xbox was right there to meet Sony.

However, Xbox has a smart strategy when it comes to their console manufacture and release. It’s quite unique from the rest of the consoles because it follows the procedure that smartphones follow! How is that possible? A console following the example of a smartphone? Let us see Xbox’s strategy.

Xbox Gaming strategy
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An Era Of Xbox Gaming:

Xbox gaming refers to the platform provided to Microsoft users. Of course, it cannot be undermined that PC gaming is considered one of the best means for immersive gaming. So, Microsoft’s console equivalent is their Xbox. The Xbox 360 has been one of the most widely played consoles of the last two decades. In Pakistan, the ability of it to be jailbroken caused an even bigger inflow of users.

Now, Xbox has revealed a strategy for its console production. They claim that this is an extremely useful strategy since it allows the user’s to relate to something else in the tech industry. If we narrow down the strategy to the type of smartphone, it can be seen that Xbox follows Apple’s example.

An Ingenious Strategy:

What Apple does is, it doesn’t change the overall design of the iPhone. It doesn’t alter the major parts about its phone, rather gives the users, an upgrade. This means that the user experience, for an iPhone, is similar but the interior software and hardware is upgraded. Xbox is doing the same!

Their consoles look similar to previous models, but they go through an upgrade. This gives the users an impression that they have no need to keep the previous console. The new one has the same experience! It’s a slow transition in technological experience rather than changing the outlook of the console itself. A lot of users get turned away from products because they suddenly changed. It’s one of the prime reasons why this strategy is ingenious!

Xbox Smartphone strategy smart
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How Does the Future Play Into This?

Apart from this, the Xbox game pass has become increasingly popular recently. It’s a service similar to Netflix and allows users to download, so long as the subscription stands. It can give users the opportunity to stream on their phones. Xbox currently provides its users with a subscription package which includes the game pass.

This is a smart strategy adopted by the company. Since it’s not as common in the gaming console industry, it has the potential to go far.

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