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People who enjoy gaming also enjoy watching the events that stream regarding gaming. The E3 gaming conference is considered the top one in the world of gaming. It lets the avid and the casual gamers take a peek at what is about to be released. Be it Xbox or Sony, the hype is always High. They are introduced to all kinds of gameplay trailers, panel discussions as well as teasers of well-known franchise releases.

Similarly, Microsoft has recently introduced an event by the name of Xbox Partner Preview. This is a new show format that recently aired and it updated us about a lot of new releases. Not just that, we were shown gameplay footage of upcoming games that increased the hype for all of us! Let us take a look at all that was announced at this Xbox event.

1. Metal Gear Solid 3 Gameplay and Xbox 

Metal Gear Solid is one of the most beloved franchises of all time. Developed under the leadership and vision of Hideo Kojima, the game is a stealth-based action adventure game with a robust story and immersive gameplay. In the Xbox preview, gameplay footage of the upcoming remaster of MGS 3 was shown. It certainly seems like a highly impressive game that would just love to get into. Solid Snake is on his way!

2. Alan Wake II 

The sequel to the popular 2010 survival horror, action adventure game, Alan Wake 2 has had quite a lot of hype. People want to see the beloved writer return to the screen in yet another terror-packed installment. This time, there is a lot more horror to go around and the atmosphere of the game really builds into it. The trailer looks extremely promising.

3. Xbox and Ark: Survival Ascended

Do you remember the time of Ark: Survival Evolved? Even now, the game has a massive player-base due to its open and interactive environment. People love playing the game and they cannot get enough of it. The upcoming installment showed us just how much more open-ness is being offered this time around. Get your spear ready and your provisions gathered, it is time to hunt!

4. Robocop: Rogue City

There have been quite a lot of robocop games in the past, but they have all become dated now. It is nice to see that there is another action-packed game on its way. Everyone is a fan of the part-human, part-machine cop who delivers swift justice to those breaking the law. The game lets you step in Robocop’s feet and make your mark on the city that has fallen under a shadow!

5. Other Xbox Preview Releases

Other than the games above, gameplay trailers and teasers have been released for,

  1. Manor Lords
  2. Like a dragon: Infinite Wealth
  3. Still Wakes the Deep
  4. Spirit of the North 2
  5. THe Finals

That said, out of the list above, it might be worthwhile to check out the trailer for Still Wakes the Deep, as it is another atmospheric survival horror.

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