Would You Try This Godzilla Ramen? Here’s What It’s Made Of

In the southern region of Taiwan, a noodle shop has taken creativity to new heights. With their creation known as “Godzilla Ramen.” This unique dish, found at the Witch Cat Kwai restaurant in Douliu City, southern Taiwan, presents a striking visual where the iconic Japanese movie monster appears ready to emerge from the bowl and surprise you.

Godzilla Ramen Aka Crocodile Feet

This extraordinary ramen features an unusual ingredient – crocodile meat. Godzilla Ramen found its humble beginnings at the renowned Nu Wu Mao Kuei restaurant, nestled in the vibrant Douliu City of southern Taiwan. The flavorful broth consists of quail eggs, pork, baby corn, dried bamboo shoots, black fungus, and fish paste cubes.

The captivating presentation is completed with the addition of a front leg from a crocodile. Once the crocodile leg is thoroughly cleaned, it undergoes a treatment of alcohol and a blend of spices, including ginger, garlic, and spring onion. Following this, it is simmered in the restaurant’s distinctive broth for two hours. All in all, the entire procedure spans approximately three hours.

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The taste of the ramen bowl is incredibly tasty. The braised meat having a flavor reminiscent of pig’s feet in one version and a chicken-like taste in the steamed version according to eaters.

“A lot of (customers) say crocodile meat tastes like that of chicken but is more springy, soft, and elastic,” Chien said. “I think it tastes like braised chicken feet.”

Chien’s distinctive dish has garnered recent acclaim, following a viral trend that emerged a month ago when the same restaurant featured ramen with a sizable isopod, a crustacean boasting 14 legs, as a topping.

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Would you try this?

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