petrol fuel cost save
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The petrol prices are touching the skies and it’s making the common man stressed beyond belief. What can one do after all? We have to get to places and petrol will be used but with these prices, it might be time to start reverting to donkey carts now. Jokes aside, the situation is incredibly tough but it’s not one that can not be managed. Here’s what you can do to save petrol costs:

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1. Car Pool

We don’t have a tradition of saving fuel costs by carpooling in our culture. Be it because we’re less trusting of others or because it is seen as a petty thing. However, carpooling actually helps save fuel costs greatly. If you and a neighbor or even a relative are going to the same place every day, best to coordinate times and divide the journey. One day, it can be your car and the other day it can be theirs.

petrol fuel cost save
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2. Plan Ahead

We also often leave filling tanks to the last minute. However, now with petrol costs rising every day, it’s best to plan ahead and be efficient. If you have a journey coming up after two days, get your tank full already. It might cost more to do the same when the day comes close.

3. Drive Smoothly

This is another problem that we face a lot which also drives up fuel costs. People just don’t drive smoothly in Pakistan! There’s always an unnecessary rush or maybe it’s because they bribed the officer to pass their driving test. Driving smoothly means driving at an average speed without unnecessary acceleration and braking. It consumes less fuel!

petrol fuel cost save
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4. Keep Tyre Pressure Checked

Did you know that your tire pressure affects how much fuel your car is using? If the tyre pressure is below normal, your car will be using more fuel to push them around. Since we get tyre pressures checked so randomly, you might be putting in a fortune for the fuel cost without knowing about it.

5. Go Out In Evenings

If some things can be done in the evening or in the night it’s best to do them at that time. Leaving in the day means there is no way you won’t be turning on the AC. That obviously eats up your fuel! 

petrol fuel cost save
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Have any other tips to add? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to know your thoughts.

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