Pakistan has always been in the news for something or the other. Although there have been various developments in the country leading to women empowerment. However, bad news for Pakistan as recent rankings of the Women, Peace, and Security Index has named Pakistan as the fourth worst country for women.

A total of 153 countries have been included in the Index, the rankings have been made according to:

  • Women’s Inclusion
  • Justice
  • Security for women

Pakistan has been ranked 150 on the list which is a poor standard, followed by Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen. Surprisingly, African countries like Congo, Mali, Sudan and Niger have better rankings than Pakistan.


The 10 Worst Countries on the list are: 

  1. Afghanistan 152/153
  2. Syria 152/153
  3. Yemen 151/153
  4. Pakistan 150/153
  5. The Central African Republic 149/153
  6. The Democratic Republic of the Congo 148/153
  7. Iraq 147/153
  8. Mali 146/153
  9. Sudan 145/153
  10. Niger 144/ 153

Pakistan was ranked at number 150, with the highest discrimination against women in the world and the lowest financial inclusion.

It was reported that Women’s average years of schooling in Pakistan has been recorded to be only 5 years and a mere 23% of women in the country have access to cellphones. 24% of Pakistanis are employed leaving a large gap in the employment sector. Finally, female seats are only at 20% in parliament.

The report is published by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security has claimed that 1.09 males are born to every female in Pakistan, which is higher than the 1.05 average demographic rate.

The Highest Ranked Countries in the Index are: 

  1. Iceland 1/153
  2. Norway 2/153
  3. Switzerland 3/153
  4. Slovenia 4/153
  5. Spain 5/153
  6. Finland 6/153
  7. Netherlands 7/153
  8. Canada 7/153
  9. Sweden 7/153
  10. Belgium 10/153

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