In a startling incident, a French national girl with Pakistani roots was apprehended in Mirpur City of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) for allegedly trafficking local girls abroad under the guise of a boy. The revelation emerged on Tuesday as the police, responding to a complaint from one of the victims’ families, detained the foreign national named Nargis, who had been masquerading as Shaaban. Authorities revealed that the accused was part of an international trafficking syndicate.

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Human Trafficker Caught In AJK

During the preliminary interrogation, the police disclosed that while posing as a boy, Nargis frequently visited AJK for marriage. After marrying a girl, the suspect would arrange her travel documents and facilitate her sale abroad. A victim’s father, recounting the ordeal in his report, revealed that Nargis had deceived his daughter into marriage, subsequently taking her to France through Dubai

. The shocking revelation that their purported son-in-law was a girl came to light later. The human trafficking gang, led by Nargis, subjected the daughter to abuse and attempted to sell her at various locations, further emphasizing the disturbing nature of the criminal activities involved.

In the interim, the victim’s family managed to locate and move her to a secure place in France, as informed by her father to the police. The suspect’s origins were traced to Jhelum. The family identified the perpetrator when she returned to AJK to deceive another girl. Confirming the deceptive nature of the disguise, police officials cited a medical report from the District Headquarters Hospital Mirpur, which determined that the suspect was indeed female. The revelations underscore the persistence of the trafficker’s activities and the critical importance of collaborative efforts to curb such exploitative practices.

The Dark Side Of Human Trafficking 

It is deeply disconcerting to acknowledge instances where individuals, often women, disguise themselves as men to exploit vulnerable girls through forced marriages for trafficking purposes. This reprehensible practice underscores the darker facets of human trafficking, where deception and manipulation are employed to perpetrate heinous crimes against unsuspecting victims.

Such actions not only violate the basic principles of consent and human rights but also highlight the urgent need for comprehensive efforts to combat human trafficking and protect those at risk. Society must remain vigilant and work collaboratively to dismantle the networks that enable such exploitative practices, ensuring the safety and well-being of those vulnerable to such insidious schemes.

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