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Currently, a Twitter thread has sparked a very important discussion over the prioritization of education over wealth. An Indian woman wrote on Platform X, formerly known as Twitter, about how important it is to give more value to generational education instead of generational wealth.

Why a Woman Prefer Generational Education

A reply in supporting agreement wrote, ” Marrying the right guy matters, but marrying into an educated family is so important and often less talked about.” They then maintained,
“My in-laws both professors, make me feel so liberated!” Hence they advised women to marry into an educated family for a much happier life.

As most statements do, this one as well has sparked cross-conversation. Many have shared their two cents on the matter. Most women, from experience, have brought light to an important aspect. Education does not equate to being educated.

Instances have been shared where women have married into families full of doctors and engineers from reputable institutes, yet they have struggled. Despite being educated, they have not been progressive enough to even let the women of the family work. Worst cases have shared that they suffered from domestic abuse.


Others have shared that it is not the level of higher education they received that endorses empathy and progressive behavior. One reply quoted, “Majority of the Upper Castes and OBC are educated. Kindness and empathy are not taught in school.” Simply suggesting that the overall mindset matters so much more. It has mostly got a lot to do with their upbringing overall. It is the way they perceive from the education experience overall that makes them open and understanding.

This thread of advice for young women has brought light to important matters that should always be taken into consideration when getting married.

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