As the market leader in q-commerce in Pakistan, Airlift has amassed significant market
intelligence on user behaviors. Leveraging the wealth of data, Airlift has entered into a strategic partnership with Morinaga, a renowned Japanese manufacturer of milk, nutrition and dairy products with global presence.

As part of the strategic partnership, Airlift will offer in-app advertising and platform visibility solutions to assist Morinaga with its winning q-commerce strategy on the platform. This is a key part of Airlift’s strategy to monetize search and visibility features. In addition to engaging in paid advertisements on the Airlift platform, Morinaga will provide supply directly – this is a key part of the partnership strategy to improve stock availability for customers on the platform.

“In the milk, nutrition and dairy category, our 30-minute delivery offering is proving to be an incredibly strong product-market fit – customers value the convenience aspect of getting high-quality products delivered quickly and seamlessly,” said Meeran Sheikh, Large Markets and Ads Platform Lead at Airlift.

In the nutrition category, Morinaga has built a leadership position. On supply-side integrations, Airlift’s strategy is built around entering into strategic partnerships with category leaders to improve assortment and stock availability for customers.

“At the very core, Airlift views Q-Commerce as a supply chain business – supply-side integrations are a core part of our strategy to bring a distinguished offering to our customers,” said Syed Ismail Ali, Large Markets Partnerships Lead at Airlift.