Win This Game To Get A Free Netflix Subscription For 83 Years
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The average human being lives for up to 79 years of age. Netflix is offering you a chance to avail free subscription for 83 years.

The company is, rightly, calling it an immortal subscription. However, only one lucky person can avail it for 83 years or a thousand months. It will save the winner’s thousands of dollars from being spent on Netflix.

How to avail the Netflix immortal subscription?

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Netflix released a movie called The Old Guard. The film stars Charlize Theron as the main lead. The Old Guard is from the action/thriller and fantasy genre. The movie is now among the ten most popular Netflix films. This movie is predicted to be the most popular movie this month.

Later, the company released a game with the same name. Netflix is now offering “The Immortal Subscription” to the person who scores highest in the game. Consequently, the game is a great marketing strategy for the movie. It is based on the events of the film. Like the movie, getting killed in the game will only slow you down.

The Old Guard Game has no high definition graphics. It is a pretty basic game where you have to kill the enemies. Netflix will offer the 83 years subscription to the highest-scorer. The player fights the enemies as Andromache of Scythia, who Charlize Theron played in the movie.

Netflix has stated, “Getting killed only slows you down, so to get the highest score, you have to defeat enemies without getting hit, and as quickly as possible.”

Hurry up!

However, there is limited time for you to win this opportunity. The game is available for three days only: 17th, 18th, and the 19th of July.

The movie is directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, who is the first Black female director in the Netflix Top 10 list. In the first four weeks of its release, the movie will be watched in around 72 million houses.

Netflix has really changed the game with its marketing tactics. It is now a part of almost every household. The fact that the Old Guard will reach around 72 million households tells us about how large of an audience Netflix has.

Be it Hulu, Disney +, or Amazon Prime, none can compete with Netflix in this arena. Netflix’s innovative marketing will be a tough one to beat for other streaming services.

The Old Guard game is an example of how Netflix is changing with its customers’ needs. Today, the internet world is predominantly dominated by online gaming. The way Netflix has put out this incentive for gamers tells us that it is adapting. However, this is not the first time Netflix will change according to its consumers’ needs. Its transformation from DVD rental to a DVD subscription service to an online streaming service says a lot.

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