Will People Now Use Their Self-Built Chatbot?

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been nothing short of a sensation. Showcasing its diverse capabilities in drafting college essays, writing computer programs, and retrieving information from across the web. Now, OpenAI has taken a significant step forward by allowing anyone to create a personalized chatbot or AI agent. This can be done without the need for coding skills. This announcement was made during OpenAI’s first developer conference, OpenAI DevDay.

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Building Chatbots Without Coding Skills

The new feature aims to extend ChatGPT’s capabilities by enabling individuals to build their own custom chatbots powered by this technology. These chatbots can be tailored to address specific problems or interests in people’s lives.  These vary from teaching the rules of a board game to helping children with math or even assisting in designing stickers using AI-generated art. What makes this even more remarkable is that creating these chatbots is incredibly user-friendly – no coding skills are required.

To create a custom chatbot or AI agent, referred to as “GPTs” by OpenAI, users simply need to have a conversation with ChatGPT. And also specifying what they want the bot to do. Behind the scenes, ChatGPT generates the necessary code to create and run the new chatbot. These chatbots can also integrate with other platforms, accessing databases, searching emails, and automating e-commerce orders.

Monetizing Chatbot Creations

OpenAI is not only encouraging people to build these chatbots but also offering them an opportunity to make money from their creations. Users with Plus or Enterprise ChatGPT subscriptions can start building chatbots today. OpenAI is set to launch an online chatbot store where users can discover GPTs from “verified builders” selected by the company.

Some prominent companies, including biotech firm Amgen, management consultancy Bain, and payments processor Square, have already started building and using GPTs internally. This underscores the versatility and practicality of these custom chatbots.

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Future of Chatbots and AI Agents

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, stated, “You can build a GPT—a customized version of ChatGPT—for almost anything.” With the power of instructions, knowledge expansion, and action, GPTs can prove to be highly helpful in various aspects of daily life.

OpenAI’s move to enable chatbots to take action is seen as a logical progression in making chatbots more powerful. The hinderence is that current AI models have limitations in reasoning. But this step forward could bridge the gap between “true” agents and their current capabilities.

However, with the rise of GPTs, they might also start competing with one another. This includeds OpenAI’s own customers who are building simpler tools based on its technology.

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