Will Musicians Compose Songs Using AI In The Future?
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Now that machine learning is being used to grasp the sounds, patterns, and genres of music and lyrics, artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing us the next generation of electronic music.

This method was utilized to generate “The official Tokyo 2020 beat,” in which an Intel AI composed hundreds of choices using thousands of bits of music with themes related to sports, Japanese culture, daily life, and nature. The final version was ultimately picked by the Japanese people.

We are listening to AI music

Beginning in the UK, JukeDeck is an AI music start-up that just was purchased by TikTok. JukeDeck automatically interprets video and sets music to it. AI music is emerging as a new business, with start-ups developing quicker and simpler music creation tools. Following David Bowie’s lead with the song Hallo Spaceboy from the 1990s, several music artists are experimenting with AI for lyric creation.

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Others, like Grimes on the song “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth – Art Mix,” are employing AI to create novel neural synthesizer sounds. Then there are those like Taryn Southern with I AM AI who use AI to make entire albums.

How hard is it to create AI music

Artificial neural networks, which are very vast sets of computer components, are used by music AIs to try to replicate how the brain functions. And you can essentially bombard this neural network with music in order to train it to recognize patterns, just way the human brain does when it is constantly exposed to new information.

Modern neural networks are challenging because they keep growing in size. And it’s getting more and more difficult for us to comprehend what they’re doing.

Additionally, these neural networks use a lot of energy. For example, if you want to teach AI to analyze pop music over the previous 20 years, you would need to input all that data and use a lot of power to analyze it and create a new song. We’ll eventually have to consider if the environmental cost of this new music justifies it.

Will AI beat human music composition?

It won’t be long until a machine can be used to create fresh versions of every musical genre that are identical to human-composed works, with AI advancements showing no signs of slowing down.

AI in Music: AI is The Next to be the Future Music Producer and Composer – IndustryWired
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AI is even capable of innovation, developing fresh ideas and investigating previously unheard noises. But music is all about communication, just like our languages. AI today has all the skills but no words. Its actual worth can only be felt when we utilize it to express ourselves.

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