Will COVID-19 Vaccine Protect Us From The New Strain?

COVID Vaccination Centers
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After COVID-19 ruled the earth for an entire year, humanity heard the good news that the pandemic’s vaccine had been found. As the world rejoiced, it had to soon accept the fact that happiness was short-lived. While the scientists were busy developing the vaccine, the illness was also mutating. The moment the COVID-19 vaccine was announced, soon the world saw another version of the pandemic.

COVID track record

It turns out that the new variant of COVID 19 is leaving the affectees blind as well. And it was more contagious (more than 50%) than the original virus. As people were grappling at this thought, they were bombarded with the news that yet another variant of covid strain was around the corner.

covid-19 vaccine
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Now the question becomes that will the vaccine work on the new variants? Some experts have hypothesized that it may actually work. However, they will have to confirm that. That said, the scientists will still be working on developing separate vaccines for the variants.

The Experts on COVID-19 Vaccine

One of the top US infectious disease experts, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has announced that the existing vaccine will probably block all virus variants. However, the scientists will test it too.

Viruses most certainly do mutate as they interact with populations. Since the virus has already spread to the corners of the earth (did you know covid was detected in Antarctica as well?), every environment is going to have a different effect on the strain. But if the change is very severe, the experts say the original vaccine will not work in that case.

Moncef Slaoui, the chief science adviser for the U.S. government on the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine, said: “My expectation is, this will not be a problem.”

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So basically, no one is expecting the virus to mutate that severely.

Well, don’t jinx it, considering 2020 hasn’t officially ended yet.

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