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Global companies must exercise caution when naming their products, as the same name can hold different meanings or be already trademarked in various countries. Failure to do so can lead to copyright infringement and competition lawsuits.

Apple Faces Potential Rebranding in China Due to Huawei Trademark

Apple recently unveiled its inaugural Mixed Reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, scheduled for an early release in the United States next year. However, a search on the China Trademark Network revealed that Huawei had successfully registered the Vision Pro trademark on May 16, 2019, considerably before Apple’s product announcement.

Will Apple's "Vision Pro" Require a Name Change in China? Huawei Registered the Same Trademark Four Years Ago - Gizmochina
Source: Gizchina

The registered number of the Vision Pro trademark is 38242888, categorized under international class 9. Huawei’s exclusive rights period for this trademark extends from November 28, 2021, to November 27, 2031. The approved usage covers products and services such as LCD TVs, head-mounted virtual reality devices, radio equipment, and more.

As a result, it seems likely that Apple may be unable to use the name “Vision Pro” for its product within China and may need to consider rebranding when launching the Apple Vision Pro in the country.

Potential Scenarios for Apple

There are several potential scenarios that Apple may consider. One option is for Apple to simply rebrand its headset specifically for the Chinese market. This would likely be the simplest and most straightforward solution, allowing Apple to circumvent potential legal complications. Another possibility is for Apple to engage in negotiations with Huawei to obtain permission to use the Vision Pro trademark in China. Although this could be a more complex and time-consuming process, it might enable Apple to retain the name it has already chosen for its headset.

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Alternatively, Apple might decide against launching its headset in China altogether. This would represent a significant loss for Apple, given that the Chinese market is one of the largest and most critical worldwide. Nevertheless, such a decision would help the company avoid potential legal entanglements.

The registration of the Vision Pro trademark by Huawei in China poses a challenge for Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset. Apple will need to carefully evaluate its options, which may involve rebranding the product, negotiating with Huawei, or potentially forgoing the Chinese market entirely. This case serves as a reminder of the utmost importance of conducting thorough research and considering local trademarks and cultural sensitivities when introducing products in different countries. Global companies must remain vigilant in safeguarding their intellectual property rights and proactively avoiding potential legal disputes.

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