New pakistani Chikkar film censored in Sindh
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Pakistani cinema has known to release quite a few gems to the public, be it the romantic genre or a thriller one. The country has many talented people in it who can dominate the screen when they are on it. However, from time to time, something interesting and controversial can take place in the Pakistani Cinema industry. The most recent viral news is currently surrounding the newly released Pakistani film, Chikkar.

According to what is being said, the film is being shown all across Pakistan. However, people in Sindh are feeling a bit upset as to the screening of the film. As you know that the censorship board present in each province decides what part of the film to censor or not. It also decides if a film should be aired or should it not release in the country at all.

reels and film censor of chikkar in Sindh
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Chikkar Facing Biasness

According to sources, it seems that when the film was screened in Punjab, it wasn’t censored which means there was no scene cut or censorship in the film. However, when the screened in Sindh, then the film was censored quite a lot in many places (we’re talking about mere dialogues here).

Punjab is the province that censored scenes from Oppenheimer and has often known to ban or delay releases of many movies. Barbie was almost banned in the province, and so were a couple of other ones. Thus, it was quite refreshing to see that this film was neither banned nor censored, bringing the full experience to the audience.

releasing a censored movie in sindh but not punjab
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Treat Both As Equal

It is important to understand that there is quite a lot of biasness in the industry. If the movie was not censored in Punjab, then it should not have been censored in Sindh either. It creates a sense of hypocrisy and unfairness to have the film censored in Sindh.

The underlying point is that there ought to be uniformity in the decisions that are being taken.

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