Why Sex Education Should Be Normalized In Pakistan

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Sex education is not the need of the hour in Pakistan. Instead, it has been the need for the decades in our country. This three-letter word frightens people as if it embodies the spirit of the devil itself, and anything related to it must be shrouded in secrecy. 

And that is precisely why our culture, the health of our women and gender relations in Pakistan are deteriorating.

1. Sex Education Is Essential

Sex education, contrary to popular belief, does not only teach how to perform intercourse. It introduces a host of other lessons that are important for young boys and girls to understand their bodies. 

When sex education is denied in Pakistan, most young adults gather their information from dramatized movies or pornography. This is incredibly harmful to their health and their perception because both forms are staged, fiction (that’s not real life), and controlled environments.

sex education
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2. Helps Girls Prepare For Periods

If you’ve ever sat down with your girl gang and had a laugh, chances are you’ve discussed this. Most women, when they got their periods, did not know what they were or were entirely in the dark about how to handle their cycle. 

Thinking you’ve got some sort of disease or that you’ve hurt yourself when you get your period is expected. Why? Because even speaking about puberty seems scandalous to society.

3. Unwanted Pregnancies

Most couples conceive very early on in their marriage. That’s also worse if the couple in question is young because that takes a significant toll on the health of women. Sex education can teach girls and boys about contraceptives properly and to do’s and not to do’s that can help avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Due to the lack of knowledge and abortion being illegal, most couples resort to roadside private abortion clinics that can damage their organs in the process.

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4. Protection from STDs and Trauma

Denying sex education means that you encourage the culture of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Most do not know about any hygienic practices to follow once they start having intercourse, which can expose them to a host of diseases.

Moreover, we wish people were as excited about teaching men and women about their first time as they are to think about it on any Barat. First-time stories have been traumatizing for so many women because they and their partner both don’t know how to proceed. 

sex education
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5. The Myth of Virginity Can Break

If you’ve seen Churails, you must know that most aunties come and see the “stain” left behind after the first time of couples. This is to ensure the girl was, in fact, a virgin. But the idea that virginity is linked to your hymen is messed up.

Do you know your hymen can break while exercising or even swimming? Do away with the myths.

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