Why Sarwat Gilalni is Picky About Her Roles?

Pakistani actress Sarwat Gilani recently appeared on the comedy show “Mazaaq Raat,” where she shared her thoughts on her approach to acting projects. Despite her successful television career, Gilani has been absent from TV screens for some time, and she explained that this is a deliberate choice.

“I feel one must do less, but good work,” Gilani said during the show. She emphasized that she wants to maintain a high standard in her projects and doesn’t want to take on too much at once. Gilani also expressed her gratitude to her audience for their love and respect, but she wants to challenge herself and take on roles that will help her grow as an actress.

Here’s the interview:

Gilani also talked about how she wants her audience to wait for her projects and look forward to what she has coming up next. She wants to create a sense of anticipation and excitement around her work, rather than flooding the market with too many projects at once.

Fans have often told Gilani that they pause to watch her on screen because they trust her project choices, and she wants to maintain that trust. “A lot of times I’ve been told by fans that they pause to watch me on screen because they are sure that I must have chosen a good project to do,” she said.

Gilani’s last appearance was in Saim Sadiq’s feature film “Joyland” (2022), which marked Pakistan’s debut entry at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. The film received critical acclaim and was a milestone in Gilani’s career.

On the personal front, Gilani welcomed her third child, a baby girl, with her husband Fahad Mirza in December last year.

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