Be it Fahad Mustafa’s ” Jeeto Pakistan ” or Shehryar Munawar’s ” Khel Kay Jeet”, Pakistan’s Ramadan game shows are known widely for their lavish gifts and their somewhat comedic challenges. Arguably the most watched show in the country, Jeeto Pakistan, has recently downsized its gifts and advertisement. The post-iftar show’s host explained how the inflation rates have made it impossible to play 50 tola ( approx. 600 grams ) of gold every day. Despite this, the show still broke records.

Though these shows are good-natured, a question about their moral integrity arises. Is it not gambling to purchase a ticket, expecting to go home with gifts worth double the price? Moreover, it seems that the challenges that contestants have to endure to win are slightly embarrassing. More than often the hots of such segments have been called out for their lack of empathy.

Omair Rana’s Opinions on Ramadan Game Shows

Renowned actor and theatre director, Omair Rana, brought his opinions about these shows to light. Having participated in a Ramadan drama, Chand Nagar, himself the Omair stressed that the show should have at least some relevance to the holy month.

Respected for his many television appearances, Omair commented on how these shows tend to leave a bitter aftertaste. He criticized how they seem to promote gluttony and greed and have nothing to do with Ramadan.

In an interview on YouTube, Omair quoted,

“I am glad that we can do good comedy but somewhere, subliminally, contextually, there must be a Ramazan element and relevance ”

The actor shared more about his learned experience from theatre training. Often, he believes, you come across roles that aren’t properly communicated to you, in a time like that Omair explains it is very common to feel stuck. He suggests game show hosts should have a thorough look at the scripts beforehand and incorporate more elements of Ramadan into that show instead of just comedy.

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Mahnoor Rashid
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