Why LinkedIn Is A Powerful Tool To Build Your Personal Brand ?

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for individuals and companies looking to make new connections, generate leads, and build their brands. While it’s an essential platform for all businesses, LinkedIn can be a game changer for companies.

This article will show why your business shouldn’t wait another day to incorporate LinkedIn into your social marketing strategy.

1. Most Commonly Used Platform 

According to the Salesforce 2015 State of Marketing report, LinkedIn is the third most commonly used social network for business owners. With 62% of business owners reporting that they use the platform and an additional 22% saying they intend to use it in the next year. Using LinkedIn as a valuable business tool shows no signs of slowing down.

2. Leadership Community 

As a critical channel for professional content distribution, there’s no more effective network for establishing yourself or your brand as a leader in your industry. LinkedIn groups allow you to position yourself as a trusted influencer in your niche. Recommendations and endorsements can go a long way to solidifying your reputation as a trusted entity in your field.

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3. Brand Visibility 

A properly optimised LinkedIn profile and company page increase your chances of ranking in Google search, giving you more valuable real estate in the search engine results. To ensure you’re ranking in search, use relevant keywords in your bio and page description. Use descriptive wording in your job title and company name. Complete all fields in your profile and company description.

4. Recruit New Talent 

While job boards and career websites have typically been among the top channels for finding qualified job applicants, the use of social, professional networking sites for recruiting has exploded over the past four years. According to LinkedIn’s research, these sites (one of which is LinkedIn) have seen a 73% increase in job recruitment usage, compared to a 15% increase for internet job boards and a 16% decrease for staffing agencies.

Image source: businessnewsdaily.com

5. Showcase Your Talent 

LinkedIn lets you showcase your expertise and express your point of view.  It’s not just about accomplishments. It’s about your unique perspective. Through the way you write your summary to the content you share in your activity feed, the groups you join, and the conversations you have, you bolster your brand, sharing your thoughts in a personal way with connections and those who visit your profile.

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