Feroze Khan is probably the Andrew Tate of the Pakistani film and television industry and if he isn’t, he share is giving some tough competition to the guy. Feroze Khan entered the showbiz world as a good-looking, hero-material aspiring actor and he did earn his fair share of success and praises but soon after he had a major fall from his high horse. But the irony is that he didn’t need enemies or anyone else to do him damage. He somehow managed to completely ruin his image all by himself.

Multiple Controversies  

Feroze Khan and his ex-wife first had an online feud where it was majorly concluded that Feroze Khan was a wife-beater and they eventually went their separate ways, however, this could be just one side of the story. But ever since, it’s as if he likes the drama and controversies because somehow he’s always in the center of them. Lately, he made some very controversial comments on women and how they should “stay at home”.

Feroze Khan recently replied to a fangirl who asked him about the cure for depression in younger girls regarding their future and work. To which he replied that women should obey their men and give them all the responsibility. The only thing women should be doing is sitting at home and eating grapes and he even claimed that if he were a woman he’d do the same. Many people, majorly women really got offended by this comment because let’s be honest it’s 2023, and women are literally conquering the world.

After receiving an immense amount of hate, Feroze Khan managed to piss off his audience even more with his “I don’t care” attitude. Earlier, today he even posted a picture with a caption that also hinted at how unbothered he was and not just unbothered but also very much fond of the hate he gets. Here have a look.


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