Faiq Khan, a talented television actor from Pakistan, is renowned for his outstanding performances in popular dramas. He made a recent appearance on Wasi Shah’s show Zabaradast, where he expressed his disapproval of actor Feroze Khan. Additionally, he praised Bilal Abbas Khan for his intelligence and dedication to his craft.

Everything Faiq Khan Had To Say

It all started as a part of the show segment, when Faiq Khan was requested to comment on the personalities and acting talent of all fellow celebrities. Surprisingly enough, the first name on the list was Feroze Khan. It seems like despite having differences, Faiq chose to express them respectfully.

Faiq stated on the show, “Sir, I don’t like Feroze Khan as a person, I won’t go into the details of it, we all know what kind of person he is, people know him.”

Currently, Faiq Khan’s comments have intrigued those in the dark. If people know him, then what do they know? Shortly after the list continued. According to this Pakistani actor, Usama Khan has great energy and is able to uplift all those around him. Moreover, he believes Wahaj Ali is currently at the top in the acting industry. He also thinks Bilal Abbas Khan is a very intelligent individual and deserves great honour and respect.

After all of this, the host still wasn’t ready to give up. He requested Faiq to rate Feroze Khan solely on his acting career. But with maturity, Faiq once again declined.

It is imperative to mention here that Feroze Khan’s repute fell off completely after he was exposed as guilty of domestic violence by his wife. Later, he was seen battling for custody, and won rights to his son.

Soon after the case settled, Feroze shared somewhat adorable photographs with his son Sultan. And shared them with tags, “FK” and “SFK.”

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