The Legend of Maula Jatt is a 2019 Pakistani action drama film, directed by Bilal Lashari and starring Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan as the male and female leads. The movie is a contemporary and modernized remake of the Pakistani classic Maula Jatt, which debuted in 1979 and achieved mass appeal there. In Pakistan’s rural Punjab province, two competing families battle for control and supremacy in The Tale of Maula Jatt. The movie was eagerly awaited and garnered favorable reviews from both reviewers and viewers for its captivating plot, striking cinematography, and strong performances. Fans of action and drama did not miss this important work in Pakistani cinema.

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The film did not receive any major backlash and was loved by many. Recently Shaan Shahid, one of the very popular film actors in the Pakistani industry has found some flaws in The Legend Of Maula Jatt. The talented Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid is well known for his outstanding performances in the movies Bulandi, Nikah, Majajan, Khuda Kay Liey, and Waar.

In a recent interview with Mansoor Ali Khan for his podcast Mere Mehman, he discussed The Tale of Maula Jatt’s shortcomings. When asked about The Legend of Maula Jatt, he stated, “The new Maula Jatt was wonderful, all actors were good, they are doing a great job, they did great work, in the end, I just have one issue, there is nothing wrong in learning, one should learn, you are somebody struggling to get great from good, my basic concern was Punjabi dialect or accent which could have been better and I also believe that music is the main need of a film, music could have been added after taking rights of Maula Jutt’s music.” 

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Discussing getting an offer from Bilal Lashari, Shaan said, “They were offering me a different role and I felt that I would not be able to do justice to that role, first they called me to discuss the things and then they offered me the role of father of Maula Jatt, which I refused, I always question on the thing that if you won’t give a singer 5 minutes to perform then it’s not justice with that artist because she won’t be able to convince others about his craft”  

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Talking more about it, he said, “But I was up for any help, I’m a team player, I personally feel that Maula Jatt’s character could have been a better choice for me because I think I have earned the respect after playing or acing Punjabi characters, we have our different ways of doing performances, I mean Fawad has his own way and I have my way of seeing things.”  

In response to a question about Hamza Ali Abbasi’s portrayal of Noori Nath, he stated, “Usually, in movies, the hero kills the villain, but in The Legend of Maula Jatt, Hamza was being discussed after the movie’s completion, he was the one who was alive. Hamza Ali Abbasi picked the rhythm well, which Fawad couldn’t pick. Hamza did a good job, but in my opinion, the two characters might have worked better together because one was overpowering the other. For example, look at Raahi Sahab and Qureshi Sahab; they worked on their chemistry and did fantastic justice to their characters; they had harmony. They were both in a good rhythm.” 

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