Pakistani actresses Aiman Khan and Minal Khan have been under constant scrutiny for their personal choices and lifestyle, be it their wedding or their family.

The latest round of criticism emerged with a family picture of the two celebrity sisters with their husbands taken two months after Aiman Khan gave birth to her second child in August of this year.

Netizens were taken aback when they saw Aiman Khan’s post-pregnancy appearance expressed surprise at no improvement in her body weight after the delivery.

It’s essential to acknowledge that post-pregnancy bodily changes are entirely natural and include facial swelling and weight gain. These physical transformations are an inherent part of the pregnancy journey and should be celebrated rather than criticized.

Minal Khan, too, found herself subjected to unsolicited remarks about her appearance in the last month of her pregnancy.

Some individuals offered unsolicited advice, suggesting that the sisters should exclusively wear traditional attire to conceal the added weight, while others attempted to invalidate Aiman’s experience by stating that they had not faced similar changes after giving birth.

The comments reveal the disturbing trend of body-shaming and unrealistic expectations placed on women after childbirth.

Amidst the critical comments, one fan stood out by recognizing the reality of post-pregnancy changes and showing empathy towards the sisters.

This is not the first time Aiman Khan has faced hate for how her body changed during pregnancy. Back in 2019, when she delivered her first child, similar comments flooded her social media.

Unfortunately, some users seized the opportunity to pass unwarranted judgment on the sisters’ acting abilities.

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