Every day, we witness the craze that TikTokers always manage to take to the next level with their ‘sometimes practical but mostly bizarre hacks’. In a recent event, people on TikTok, have found a new way to curl their eyelashes and it sure comes with its own set of concerns.

The Curling Hack

The eyelash curling hack doesn’t require an eyelash curler and neither does the thickest mascara wand in the world. This hack only requires a sleeping mask that does its magic while you are sleeping and requires little to no extra effort.

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In a video with 7.2 million views and counting, TikToker @allyrbackus showed her followers how they curl their lashes naturally overnight — by sleeping in an eye mask.

Here’s the video:


#stitch with @alexis this is how i’ve given myself a natural lash lift over the past few months so i can stop putting chemicals on them every few months 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼 #nogatekeeping #lashlift #lashes #lifehack #fyp

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“I used to get a lash lift every three months because I thought that was the only way to make them look longer,” said Ally in the video, “but then I realised you can train your lashes to sit like this naturally over time. All you do is put the sleeping mask on, but when you do so, have your eyes open not closed.” “Put it on tight and then close your eyes,” continued Ally.

“You’ll feel your eyelashes go up like this,” and you will wake up to your lashes sitting up like this all day every day. Then once you put makeup on, even longer.”

Is The Hack Worth It?

The beauty gurus and professionals were quick to jump in as they shared why trying the hack can go sideways.

“Just because you can achieve a more lifted lash look by trying this TikTok hack doesn’t mean you should. Please avoid this dangerous trend; you are submitting your eye structures to unnecessary trauma and harm,” says Diane Hilal-Campo, M.D., board-certified ophthalmologist.

“This is very dangerous for the eyes. Your eyelids are meant to close completely when sleeping. Any exposure from a lack of complete eyelid closure can cause drying and scarring of your corneas (aka the transparent layer at the front of your eyeball), which can cause infections and potential blindness,” she continues. “Additionally, if the fabric from the mask hits the corneas of the partially open eyes, it can cause painful abrasions and scarring.”

Hygiene is another big issue with the mask. Not everyone tends to wash them often. Bacteria can build up in the fabric of the mask, putting people at risk for acne, infections, as well as styes and blepharitis (inflammation of the eye).

According to experts using a hydrating lash treatment after taking off your eye makeup at night before bed, working it into your lashes to hydrate them is the most safest and foolproof way to achieve the look.

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