Pakistani actor Mahira Khan’s wedding captured flooded social media feeds with breath-taking moments from the dreamy affair. However, despite the controlled content distribution by the bride and her manager, controversy emerged, one of them targeting an emotional moment – Mahira Khan’s husband shedding tears.

Some voices in the social media jury deemed the tear-wiping moment as unoriginal and unimpressive, expressing their scepticism about the authenticity of his gesture.

One commenter asserted that tears flow from the inner corners of the eye, unlike the groom’s portrayal.

Some critics labelled the emotional display as a borrowed trend from the West.

Another user escalated their criticism to personal attacks, accusing Mahira Khan of marrying her husband, Salim Karim, solely for his business success, branding her a golddigger.

It’s pertinent to note that Salim Karim is a long-time close friend of Mahira Khan, and the bride herself is a self-made millionaire who remained unmarried for eight years following her divorce from Ali Askari.

In response to the online backlash, actor Osman Khalid Butt clapped back at the hate comments, lamenting those who have never experienced such profound joy that it moved them to tears.

The wedding ceremony took place on October 1 at Pearl Continental Hotel in Bhurban, Pakistan.

Alongside the clip, she wrote, “My Shehzada, Salim (sic).” Watch the video here:

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