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Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Pro series was met with a mix of excitement and criticism shortly after its global release on Friday. While enthusiasts eagerly lined up at stores around the world, social media platforms quickly became a battleground for tech enthusiasts and critics who flagged several design and technical issues with the new devices.

Durability Issues Raise Eyebrows

One of the most significant concerns raised was regarding the durability of the iPhone 15 Pro. In a drop test comparison with its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro, the new model was reported to have performed worse. Critics attributed this to the phone’s curved edges, which they claimed appeared to be more fragile than the straight-edge design of the previous model.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera And Display Will Not See Any Upgrades Compared To Last Year's iPhone 14 Pro Max
Source: WccTech

Color Inconsistencies Spark Quality Control Concerns

Social media posts also highlighted issues with color consistency. Users complained about uneven coloring on some units of the iPhone 15 Pro, suggesting that the color was not evenly applied, and the screen didn’t align perfectly with the edges. These inconsistencies led to accusations that the new device was suffering from quality control issues.

In addition to these complaints, a video clip circulating on social media appeared to show a software glitch, causing lines to ripple through the screen for a few seconds. While it’s not unusual for software bugs to emerge shortly after a new product’s release, it added to the growing list of grievances.

Addressing the “Fingerprint Magnet” Accusations

Some users referred to the iPhone 15 Pro as a “fingerprint magnet” due to the exterior band’s susceptibility to collecting oil from users’ skin. Apple responded to this concern by suggesting that wiping the phone with a soft, damp, lint-free cloth would restore its original appearance.

Despite these initial hiccups, demand for Apple’s latest offerings remained robust, with long lines forming outside stores across the globe. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models are expected to be Apple’s top-selling products for the remainder of the year, and their success will significantly impact the company’s holiday season performance.

The Road Ahead for Apple

Apple’s ability to address and rectify the reported issues swiftly will be critical in maintaining the enthusiasm of its customer base and ensuring long-term satisfaction. The company’s reputation for quality and innovation is at stake, and it remains to be seen how these challenges will affect the overall perception of the iPhone 15 Pro in the coming weeks.

As with any major product launch, initial hiccups are not uncommon. Apple’s track record for resolving such issues and delivering software updates suggests that many of the reported problems may be short-lived. Ultimately, it will be the overall user experience and performance of the iPhone 15 Pro that determine its success in the highly competitive smartphone market.

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