Branding is everything in the world of business. A company’s brand is what helps it stand out from its competitors and helps it to reach its target audience. But even the most well-established and successful brands sometimes need to refresh their image and change their branding strategy. In recent years, some of the most famous brands in the world undergo a rebranding process, including famous names like Pepsi, Fanta, and LG. So, why are these brands rebranding?

1. Pepsi

Image Source: CNN

While Pepsi introduced its refreshed logo and brand identity in March 2023, the official integration across all brand touchpoints is set to coincide with its 125th-anniversary celebration. The new design features a more minimalist approach, with the iconic Pepsi globe in the center.

2. Fanta

Image Source: Turbo Logo Maker

Fanta, another iconic soft drink brand, went through a similar rebranding process. The company decided to ditch its old logo and introduce a new, more playful design that is meant to appeal to younger consumers. The new logo features a more colorful and vibrant look, with the word “Fanta” written in a fun font. The rebranding was aimed at relaunching the brand as a fun and exciting beverage that is perfect for any occasion.

3. LG

Image Source: Behance

LG, a South Korean electronics company, also recently underwent a rebranding process. The company changed its logo and tagline in order to create a more modern and sophisticated image for the brand. The new logo features a sleek and simple design, with the letters “L” and “G” arranged in a unique way. The new tagline, “Life’s Good”, is meant to convey the idea that LG products are designed to make people’s lives better and more enjoyable.

4. Dunkin’ 

Image Source: Refinery 29

In 2018, the popular coffee and donut food chain dropped the word “Donuts” from its name and rebranded it as simply “Dunkin”. The company’s new logo features a more modern and streamlined design, with an emphasis on the word “Dunkin”.

5. Instagram

Image Source: Medium

The social media platform updated its logo in 2016, disposing of its iconic Polaroid-style camera design and going for something like a more modern, and colorful logo. The new design features a simple camera outline in gradient colors, reflecting the platform’s focus on visual content.

6. Google 

Image Source: Keysize

The world’s largest search engine has also undergone several rebranding efforts over the years, with the most recent being in 2015. The company simplified its logo and introduced a new font and color scheme that was meant to reflect the company’s focus on simplicity and innovation.

7. Burger King

Image Source: Looka

Burger King’s rebranding in 2021 included a new logo design. The new logo features a more modern and minimalist design compared to the previous logo, which was introduced in 1999. The new logo features the brand’s name in a bold font with a more stylized bun shape above the “i” in “King.” The color scheme was also updated, with the traditional red and blue colors being used in a more muted, natural tone.

8. Pringles 

Image Source: Design Week

Similarly, Pringles also revealed a new logo in 2020. The new logo features a simplified design, with the iconic mustache mascot now more prominently featured alongside the brand’s name. The color scheme was also updated to include a more vibrant and eye-catching shade of red.

So, why are these famous brands rebranding? The answer is simple: they are trying to stay relevant in a constantly evolving market. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important for companies to keep up with the latest trends and stay ahead of the competition. Rebranding is one way to do that. By refreshing their image and changing their branding strategy, these companies are able to attract new customers and keep their existing ones engaged.

In conclusion, rebranding is a necessary part of staying relevant in today’s business world. Companies like Pepsi, Mastercard, and others are leading the way in this trend, creating fresh and modern images that appeal to a younger, more diverse audience. So, the next time you see a famous brand rebranding, remember that it’s all part of the game.

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