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Pakistani dramas have come a long way from just depicting typical stories. The production quality has significant upgrades, and so has the film industry side-by-side. Ever wonder how we are moving forward with full speed while also portraying our antagonists as ‘modern’ – particularly women?

A Twitter user tweeted,

The tweet has been making rounds on Twitter because, in reality, this is the truth. This is precisely how women are portrayed in Pakistani dramas. A protagonist has to be dressed in a pair of jeans and a tight shirt as if the character’s wrongdoing is justified because she is ‘modern.’

Someone’s attire has nothing to do with who they are as a person, what their moral values are like, or what they might as well have achieved in life.

The reality is that these dramas do not portray our society the way it is!

Humsafar, a popular drama by Farhat Ishtiaq, directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, also depicts the bad women as modern.

Film and tv play a massive role in setting stereotypes. It is high time we stop portraying women as evil while also being modern. Don’t get me wrong; a character can be evil and also ‘modern’ at the same time, but when there is a pattern, and it is repeating, people notice and, more importantly, ‘learn behavior.’

We Need More Dramas to Portray Strong Characters of Women 

Pakistani dramatist, playwright, and scriptwriter, Haseena Moin’s plays, were much admired as they portrayed women of strong character such as Marina Khan’s character Sanya in “Tanhaiyaan” or Dr. Zoya in “Dhoop Kinare.”

The characters in Moin’s plays portrayed women who were resilient, secure in the face of adversity, and independent. They had a strong sense of ethics and morality that earned the respect of those around them, including their male counterparts. They were role models for future generations.

We hope our industry starts giving the content as much importance as production and stops manifesting modern-day women as ‘Evil.’

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