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It is extremely important to make sure our world survives. Over the years and decades, many calamities have started to affect mother Earth. Where the rainforests used to stand with lush, now they are starting to weaken. Some species of animals that were vibrant decades ago, are now endangered or extinct. Can any of you even remember a time when pandas were not endangered?

In China, it is considered a state of global celebration when a panda is born. Of course, in the midst of a pandemic, we have to take care of our health too. It would not be a good sense of preservation if we did not take care of our health. To keep track of the world’s health, the WHO once inititated a program where it listed the world’s healthiest cities. WHO has just included Madina as one of the worlds healthiest cities!

Madina among top healthy
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Madina Has A History:

As we all know, this city is considered as one of the holiest cities of the world. It certainly holds a rich history and is wrought with tales of Islamic history. It is the city where the Holy Prophet (PBUH) migrated to after the persecutions of Muslims in Makkah got too much. Apart from this, there are wars that have been fought on the outskirts of Madnina.

Madina is also home to one of the most beautiful Masjids of all time. It is known as Masjid e Nabwi. When one travels to Saudi Arabia, visiting Madina is at the top of their agenda, right after Makkah. The city has a population of over 2 million and has been the subject of a pandemic, like every other city. However, they have managed to remain healthy all this time!

One Of World’s Healthiest:

In a recent survey, professionals from WHO visited the city. After much consideration, they came to a result. Madina is being considered as the first city with a population over 2 million, to be seen under this program. After the survey, the WHO team also stated that the city sits well within Global standards. Additionally, they are progressing forward quite well, in terms of citizen betterment.

According to sources and records, a total of 22 government, community, charity and volunteer agencies have helped prepare this accredition. Yes, the city has recieved an award and a praise of sorts. It is one healthy city and worthy of a mention among other healthy ones.

Madina among best healthy cities
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Staying Healthy:

After everything, especially the pandemic, we must remember to take care of ourselves. It is not just the responsibility of the citizen, but the government, to make sure the environment stays healthy. It come down to us how we can take care of our city, in terms of pollution as well as a safe environment.

We hope that Madina continues to rise in the charts as one fine city. Maybe there will come a day that one of our cities are among such a list too. After all, even Islam states that cleanliness is half of the faith!