The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman, Mohsin Naqvi, has shed light on the imminent appointment of the national team’s new head coach, indicating that the decision will be made within the next week to ten days.

With the T20 World Cup looming ahead, there’s a pressing need to finalize the coaching staff, and Naqvi assures that the PCB is diligently working towards selecting the most suitable candidate for the head coach role, regardless of nationality.

Speaking to reporters at the National Bank Stadium during the PSL 9 final between Multan Sultans and Islamabad United, Naqvi underscored the urgency of the situation while affirming the PCB’s commitment to expeditiously filling the coaching role.

“We are on track to appoint the head coach within the next one week or ten days,” Naqvi assured, emphasizing the significance of this decision for the team’s preparations leading up to the T20 World Cup.

However, Naqvi refrained from disclosing specific details about potential candidates, citing previous instances where leaks of false information complicated the process and deterred potential candidates, such as Australia’s Shane Watson.


“We were also in talks with Shane Watson, and one reason for him not accepting the offer was due to numerous leaks in the media, many of which were inaccurate,” Naqvi revealed.

In addition to discussing the coaching appointment, Naqvi disclosed plans for Pakistan’s top cricketers to attend a boot camp in Abbottabad starting March 25, expressing the hope that the newly appointed coach would accompany them.

Furthermore, Naqvi hinted at potential restructuring within the PCB, acknowledging concerns regarding the organization’s size and financial sustainability.

With a workforce of 900 individuals managing just 11 players, Naqvi recognized the need for adjustments to ensure the PCB’s long-term stability.

“There are 900 people managing 11 players,” Naqvi remarked, hinting at potential changes to streamline operations and optimize resources within the organization.

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