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Calling all content creators and channel admins on WhatsApp! Get ready to streamline your content sharing experience with the latest update for WhatsApp on iOS (version 24.13.78). While the official changelog might not mention it, users and reports from WhatsApp have been able to uncover feature. This will give the users the ability to forward messages and media directly between channels! Let’s have a closer look at this feature and how we can use it.

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Android Beat You To It!

This feature might sound familiar to some. Back in May 2024, WhatsApp rolled out the channel forwarding functionality for Android users. This update allowed channel owners to effortlessly share interesting content. Like for e.g:informative posts, funny videos, or engaging discussions, from any channel directly to their own. It was a game-changer, eliminating the need for troublesome saving and re-uploading processes of Whatsapp.

The Power Of Forwarding On Whatsapp And How To Use It?

It appears that iOS users are now at last experiencing this well anticipated feature. WhatsApp’s latest iOS update (version 24.13.78) might be hiding a secret weapon – channel forwarding! While the official changelog stays quiet about it, reports from WhatsApp itself and user experiences suggest the feature is silently rolling out. This means you, as an iOS user and channel admin, can now easily forward messages, images, videos, and GIFs from any channel directly to your own.

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Here’s a quick breakdown on how to utilize this new (and slightly hidden) feature:

  1. Open the preferred channel: Go to the channel where you want to share some stuff that you found with your own audience.
  2. Locate the message that has to be forwarded: Find the exact text, image, video, or GIF that you wish to post to your channel.
  3. Press and hold!: Press and hold the message to bring up the well-known pop-up menu.
  4. Magic in the forward direction!: Search the menu for the newly added “Forward” option. When you choose this option, a list of all your channels will appear.
  5. Select your location: Just choose the channel on which to distribute the stuff that has been forwarded.
  6. Press Send!: After selecting the desired channel, simply click “Send” to proceed. If the message wasn’t originally yours, it will be delivered to your channel without any problems.

With the introduction of channel forwarding, even though it arrived a bit sneakily, WhatsApp is clearly making strides towards enhancing the channel experience. As content creation and consumption on the platform evolve, we can expect even more exciting features to emerge. So, stay tuned and keep an eye out for future updates!

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