The Pink WhatsApp scam is a tricky online scam that is now targeting people using WhatsApp. It involves a message with a link promising a special “pink” version of WhatsApp that supposedly offers cool features. But beware! Clicking the link takes you to a fake website or app that steals your personal info or infects your device with harmful stuff. As if Whatsapp isn’t already very prone to scams and hacking.

Image Source: GQ India

Here’s How It Works

  1. You get a message from someone you don’t know or even from someone you know. They claim it’s about a hidden WhatsApp feature, like “Pink WhatsApp” or “WhatsApp Gold.”
  2. The message tempts you with promises of new customization options, better privacy settings, or cool messaging tricks.
  3. When you click the link, it takes you to a fake website, and they ask you to download an app or update.
  4. But guess what? The app contains malware or spyware that can mess up your device and steal your info.

The Consequences Of This Scam

  • Your privacy could be compromised, and your personal conversations might end up in the wrong hands.
  • Scammers can infect many devices with malware, making the scam spread like wildfire.
  • They might try to trick you into sharing financial info or steal your money.
  • With access to your conversations and contacts, they can pretend to be you and target your friends, family, or colleagues.

Here’s How You Can Stay Safe

Only download WhatsApp and its updates from the official Google Play Store. Avoid third-party app stores or APK files, no matter how many extra features they promise. Hope this was helpful! Stay safe and stay aware!

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