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These days, WhatsApp has come under the spotlight a light due to its privacy policy. It seems that people have been switching to alternate chat options. However, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature.

Social media is one domain that is extremely vast and widespread. It reaches almost every corner of the internet. There isn’t a place where it’s not present. Even if we talk about the dark web, there must be social media sites there too. Albeit, they may come under black sites but regardless, our primary point stands.

Among this list of social media apps, is WhatsApp. It is one of the most popular applications where people talk, connect and get together. In light of this, WhatsApp has come up with a new feature. It allows the user to make calls using the desktop version!

WhatsApp new feature for desktop
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Is WhatsApp Secure?

Of course, the question of privacy arises with the release of a new feature. We remember when the recent policy update came out. People were often accepting it without reading it and then regretting it. However, the policy itself did not implicate anything similar to breaching privacy.

Now, we have a piece of news for you today. It has made it easier for you to call people even when your phone is charging. Imagine you are using your laptop and you wish to gather people for a phone call but your phone is currently far from you. With this new feature, you can now call people from the desktop version of WhatsApp.

Desktop Calling Method:

This seems like quite a useful feature, considering the fact that many people use WhatsApp web. Despite the release, there are still people who are a bit hesitant about WhatsApp. They still feel like there may be something else at work. WhatsApp has already put people’s concerns at ease by mentioning there are no such consequences.

Ever since the pandemic hit, indoor activities have taken a spike more and more. People have turned towards alternate methods to communicate and engage themselves. Despite the condition of the world being so dire, WhatsApp has not slowed down. In fact, WhatsApp calls have increased by 50% in the last year alone. That is a major, substantial rise in numbers. It is impressive!

WhatsApp new feature
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Busting Myths:

This feature shows us that WhatsApp is currently moving up at a brisk pace. They are not only making progress in the design domain but even the new update domain too. It will not be a long while before we see more and more updates in WhatsApp. Maybe we see a version of the app where it can be used in VR!

We hope that the update allows more and more people to come back to WhatsApp. It is definitely not something that could compromise one’s privacy. After all, if we look at the bigger picture, how can we call anything too secure? There is a major chunk of the population that still believes that internet privacy is a myth.

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