whatsapp with a new update for users
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Remember when the ability to send ‘view once’ messages became a thing on WhatsApp? Everyone was making use of this feature because of how interesting it was, especially because you could have quite a lot of fun with it. However, that is not the only interesting feature that WhatsApp came out with. Now, they have even released the ‘view once’ audio messages feature as well, people can send audios which can only be played once.

That said, WhatsApp has now come up with yet another feature for its users. This one lets them control what aspect of their application they wish to update and whether they wish to move forward or not. At one time, WhatsApp did not even have a dark mode, and a lot of people did not like the switch to it. Thus, if you are not ready to embrace a new update, you can now control that aspect!

new update on the application of whatsapp
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WhatsApp With New Update

In the latest WhatsApp beta for Android, users now have more control over how updates are handled. Yes, they can control whether the app automatically updates over Wi-Fi as soon as a new version is available, or let the user receive notifications to update. If a person does not immediately wish to update their WhatsApp due to losing a feature or if they are still getting used to the current version, they can hold the update.

If they choose to not update over Wi-Fi, then the application will not update unless it is prompted to. The Google PlayStore offers this feature but now it has been introduced as a standalone one in the application itself. A lot of people have not updated their WhatsApp in a while to not see the change in user interface, and this update can help them with future versions.

New update by application for user
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Updating Depends On User

In the future, you might come across a WhatsApp update that you do not wish to pursue. In that case, you can just turn off automatic updates just for this application. Then, if there is an update worth pursuing after the next one, then you can allow updates and bypass the unsavory one, going direct to the newest one.

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