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The most widely used instant messaging service in the world, WhatsApp, has finally included a capability to recover accidentally deleted messages. A report from June 2022 claimed that WhatsApp engineers were developing a feature that would enable users restore accidentally deleted messages.

A feature or a mere update

Introducing Whatsapp Feature Allow to Recover Deleted Messages- Gossip Pakistan

Whatsapp frequently works on many new upgrades at once. The tech giant previously allowed customers the option to erase a text message that had been sent or received by someone else. According to earlier rumors, the IT giant was working on delivering the feature fresh updates.

According to recent sources, WhatsApp has now released an upgrade that adds a new option to retrieve lost messages. According to WABetaInfo on twitter, the update has now been sent to a small number of beta users.

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What exactly will it do

According to reports, the beta version of Google Play has begun rolling out the new update with the undo capability. Users of the functionality can recover deleted messages by using the “undo” option. But there’s a problem. By selecting the “delete for me” button rather than “delete for everyone,” the user will only be able to recover texts that they themselves erased.

In addition, users will only have a very little window of time to retrieve deleted communications. The article states that WhatsApp would allow consumers a brief window of time to retrieve the communication. Only a small number of beta users have access to the function, but it is rumored that WhatsApp will make it available to everyone else in the upcoming weeks.

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will restore deleted messages: Report
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WhatsApp is preparing to extend the time restriction for deleting any conversation messages from one hour, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds to two days. This was reportedly the original concept when WhatsApp’s “delete text” function was being developed.

You now have two options on the platform to delete the text: “Delete for myself” and “Delete for everyone.” However, the goal is to increase these options and also add some other options to perform older functions.

While Whatsapp is just introducing this feature, other communicating apps such as Snapchat figured out this trick well before since it always had an option of deleting messages and has recently added an additional feature of deleting sent snaps as well. It might be that these IT giants are figuring out the importance of privacy and having the option to undo as a deal breaker for their apps to make a more user-friendly interface and provide more of a reason to use their apps.