Recently, a heartfelt and adorable video of Sarah Khan has gone viral. Sarah Khan is a Pakistani actress, model, and mother to Alyana Falak. In the viral video, we see Sarah teaching her daughter how to perform prayer, and fans have caught onto something.

Sarah Khan, married to singer Falak Shabir, shared the video on her social media account, accompanied by the caption “MashAllah.” The video has garnered over 150,000 likes, with netizens expressing their affection through heartwarming comments.

It’s worth mentioning that celebrity couple Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir exchanged vows in a private nikkah ceremony in July 2020. They welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Alyana Falak, in 2021. The couple boasts a significant following on social media, often delighting their fans with glimpses into their family life and heart-melting videos of their daughter.

Netizens Notice Something 

Oddly enough, the fans picked up on a couple of things wrong with the way Sarah was praying. They noticed how she missed out on a couple of actions, which are an integral part of the routine, and went straight into Sajdah.

Have a look:

sarah khan comment Sarah khan comments


However, the lack of response from Sarah proves that she remains contingent on her faith and continues to believe that God knows her intentions best. It’s so common for netizens to inforce religious principal upon anyone they can. But staying headstrong is an essential part of this industry.

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