What Is Artificial Rain And How Does It Work?

artificial rain in the world
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Pakistan, being an agriculture-based economy, relies a lot on the amount of rainfall that occurs every year. Rain is an essential part of the ecosystem and it helps crops grow more than ever. There are countries that receive it almost every other month, yet there are those that rarely get them. However, rain is not only essential for crops, it is important to keep the climate regulated as well. We cannot have heat all year around, neither can we have monsoon 24/7.

That said, in areas where rain can be scarce, there are methods to produce artificial rain. These methods help because they can provide rain to the land in terms of high temperatures and heavy heat. There are even certain benefits to this artificial rain, Dubai has even recently done it!

The Steps To Artificial Rain

When it comes to producing artificial rain, there are three main steps involved,

  1. Cloud Seeding: This means that seeding agents like silver iodide are introduced into clouds, acting as centerpiece for water droplet formation. The choice of agents depends on atmospheric conditions. Thus, this can change depending on which region the rain is targeted for.
  2. Water Droplet Formation: Seeding agents initiate nucleation, a process that leads to the formation of tiny water droplets or ice crystals around them.
  3. Precipitation: Big particles overcome air resistance, coming from the clouds as precipitation. They are often influenced by weather conditions.

These steps are the process one goes through when they wish to have artificial rainfall within a given region. Now, let us take a look at the benefits of it.

The Benefits Of It

The benefits of artificial rain are,

  • Helps Farmers: This method is certainly beneficial for farmers, who are helped quite a lot with their crop growth.
  • Prevents Big Fires: When its dry, there is a risk of big fires. Artificial rain helps with keeping the atmosphere less dry, thus preventing random large-scale fires.
  • Cleans The Air: Artificial rain can clean the air we breathe. It makes dust and dirt in the air fall to the ground.
  • Lets Us Store Water: Artificial rain puts more water in places like lakes and reservoirs, making sure we have enough for drinking and other water-related tasks.
artificial rain and having it in countries
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That said, Pakistan is also a place that could benefit from artificial rainfall, since some years can go on without a lot of rain. Of course, the amount would have to be quite a controlled one, since too much rain can also cause a hurdle for the country.

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