Did they anticipate it? As 2024 began, The Simpsons once again showcased their remarkable ability to foresee the future. From robotic presidents to airborne vehicles, their eccentric predictions often align eerily with reality. This time, let’s explore 10 of their most unconventional forecasts and discern if Springfield’s crystal ball holds any unexpected revelations for the upcoming year.

AI Takeover

Artificial Intelligence has profoundly influenced various global income-generating sectors, leading to widespread workforce layoffs. Notably, in Episode 17 of Series 23, Homer is portrayed losing his job as his employer replaces human workers with robots.

Female President

Lisa’s portrayal as the first female president in ‘Back to the Future’ episode has sparked speculation, with some drawing parallels to Kamala Harris’s political ascent. It remains intriguing to observe if another female candidate secures a presidential victory in the future.

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VR Food

The virtual fudge feast from a 2000s Simpsons episode, once a distant dream, now resonates with the emergence of VR dining experiences like Aero Banquets RMX. In 2024, the convergence of virtual and real-life culinary adventures raises the question: Will we soon indulge in digital delicacies with a VR spoon?

Move To Mars

A common aspiration among Earth’s elite is to conquer Mars and establish a human presence. In a Simpsons episode, Lisa learns of the government’s call for Mars volunteers and decides to live there. This echoes Elon Musk’s widely known ambition to populate the Red Planet.

Baby Translator

Understanding why babies cry has long been a challenge for new parents. In Episode 24 of the 3rd season, titled ‘Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes,’ Homer’s half-brother, Herb Powell, invents a service that claims to decipher baby cries. Surprisingly, a Swiss company called Zoundream has now developed a machine asserting the ability to translate a baby’s voice, turning what seemed like a joke into reality.

Black Hole

India’s recent space launch holds the promise of unveiling new secrets about Black Holes. In the 2013 Simpsons episode, Treehouse of Horror 23, a darkly humorous perspective on black holes was presented. While Springfield’s fate is fictional, the real-world pursuit of understanding these cosmic marvels is advancing, with 2024 anticipated to bring exciting discoveries.

Hologram technology 

Hologram technology is the latest means of revisiting the past, undergoing significant advancements in recent years. In a Simpsons episode, Bart receives a hologram message inviting his band to perform at a club.

World War 3

In 1987, before The Simpsons became a regular show, a special episode on the Tracey Ullman Show featured Homer playing pranks on his family, simulating World War III. Interestingly, today, the possibility of a third world war seems closer than when that episode first aired.

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Zombie Apocalypse 

If you’re into post-apocalyptic thrillers, Springfield’s got a unique twist for you. In a Simpsons episode, Krusty the Clown’s fast-food sandwich transforms news anchor Kent Brockman into an angry zombie. Just 28 days later, the entire town of Springfield is overrun by hungry cannibal zombies.

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