easypaisa and ptcl purchasing them
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The presence of online financial services in Pakistan makes it a lot easier to make many transactions. One does not always need to carry cash with them to make transactions. Simply the usage of an application can make them feel at ease. However, we always encourage everyone to be cautious of online scams. In recent news, it seems that Easypaisa has made an official statement on the recent purchase of Telenor by PTCL.

telenor and easypaisa acquired by company
Image Source: brecorder.com

Easypaisa and PTCL Purchase

A lot of people were confused as to what happens to company now that it was been acquired by the tech company. Easypaisa, the provider of digital financial services, has released a statement to assure its customer base that the recent acquisition of Telenor Pakistan by PTCL will not have any impact on its ongoing operations. Easypaisa also makes it quite clear that they are independent from the transaction, reiterating that they remains a separate financial institution.

Telenor Microfinance Bank and its primary platform, Easypaisa, operate under the oversight and licensing of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). The provider urges its clients to dismiss any rumors circulating on social media regarding its financial stability after the Telenor Pakistan sale. They mean to show the people that this purchase is no cause for worry, as it does not affect the stability of the company in any way.

Online Transactions Made Easy

Similar misinformation and rumors had circulated previously about U Microfinance Bank (UBank), which were eventually refuted as inaccurate. A lot of people were worried about its credibility but that was settled after scrutiny and investigation.

Easypaisa clarified its status because Telenor and it were acquired by PTCL on a sum of $495 Million.

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