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When we think about Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto is the game that comes to our mind first. It has been in the industry for quite a while now, and it only rising up. GTA 6 is the game that everyone is looking forward to, and it has now been announced. However, there is still some time until the game is released. Rockstar is known for releasing new games after quite a long time, with big gaps in between.

If we take a look at some of the older games by the company, we can think of quite a few that are memorable. From Bully to Grand Theft Auto 4, the company has always astonished us with how far their functionalities went. That said, let us take a look at some of the games we want Rockstar to make other than GTA 6. These would certainly go through the roof if they were ever made.

1. Bully 2

Bully, when it came out, grasped quite a lot of people. When it was released, people regarded it as a GTA-fashioned game but set within a high school. Instead of crime, the protagonist could do various pranks, and the user would experience high-school life. That said, the public would love to see Bully 2 as it would make quite a dent in the genre.

2. GTA Games – Grand Theft Auto 4 Remake

GTA 4 is a game that is considered quite ahead of its time. The physics and ragdoll mechanics in the game make the player feel quite immersed. The details in the game are extraordinary and you can never get bored of the random NPC events that take place all over the map. If Rockstar were to create a remake of a game, let it be of GTA 4.

3. Max Payne 4

The game that introduced the concept of bullet-time, Max Payne is a fan favorite. You can dive in quite a lot of directions, in slow motion, and shoot at your enemies. The first two games had quite a robust story and the third one had extraordinary game mechanics. If we were to experience a fourth one, it would certainly be an immersive game.

4. L.A Noire 2

L.A Noire, when it came out in 2011, brought about quite a lot of new technology. It featured a system where the faces of NPCs were mapped from actual people, and they had realistic expressions. The details in the game were quite a lot and people would love it Rockstar came out with a sequel. More cases for us to solve!

If Rockstar ever decides to work on any of the games above, we would highly anticipate their release.

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