kinza hashmi, guys in 20s
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Kinza Hashmi has shocked her fans, especially the guys, after her latest remark on guys in their 20s!

Gupshup With Shaista

Shaista Khan now has a new show called ‘Gupshup with Shaista’ in which she interviews up and coming personalities. One of them was none other than the new-comer, Kinza Hashmi, who is making waves in the television industry. 

kinza hashmi, guys in 20s
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Kinza Hashmi has performed in Ishq Tamasha and Uraan, delivering noteworthy performances. Having started at just 16, the young prodigy is negotiating a space for herself.

Guys In Their 20’s, Hold Up!

When asked by Shaista how old she expects her partner to be, Kinza remarked clearly and confidently that he should be 6-7 years older. She is currently 22 herself, and she’s looking for a partner (or will look for one) who is almost a decade older.

Though she is not inspired to do so after seeing her parents, there is another reason why she wants this huge age difference. Kinza Hashmi said she sees guys in their 20’s, even if they are a year or two older than her, as her “little brothers.” Hashmi also said if on set she’s working with guys in their 20’s, she treats them as kids! Moreover, her brother, who is a couple of years older than her, is also called “chhota” by her.

kinza hashmi, guys in 20s
Image Source: Youtube

As it turns out, there is a long list of examples that point towards Kinza Hashmi’s main idea of guys in their 20’s: they are either little brothers or simply kids!

A Heartbreak is A Heartbreak

Kinza Hashmi being an incredible performer on-screen and a confident personality; otherwise is bound to be the crush of many. There may be many 20-year-old boys who were a fan of her and envisioned a “happy ever after,” which has been slashed by the actor’s remarks.

See her interview here:

“Girls Mature Faster”

The idea that girls mature faster and boys are immature at the same age is problematic for several reasons. 

The concept behind that is that girls are laden with socio-cultural expectations and pressures more than men are, which why they become mature. They are sanctioned more, controlled more, lectured more— why would they not be more mature?

Moreover, this mindset romanticizes age gaps between often toxic couples and glamourizes the “older man.” While many find their compatibility in the age-gap, others find it as an obstacle between connections. It’s not the same for anyone!

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